Best Places In Escondido, CA For Photography

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Whether you live in Escondido, CA, or you are visiting for a short time, you might want to take out your camera while you are there. It is such a beautiful place, and there are many opportunities for some great shots. From the beach, water, parks and animals, to the city itself, this place is truly stunning. The photos that get taken there will be something great. I visited my friend John Escon who is a escondido plumber few months back and it was great.


Consider Visiting Daley Ranch For Some Great Shots

This is a great place to take a hike, and it is also a great place to snap some photos. Either take pictures of the gorgeous nature by itself, or bring some people along to photograph. No matter what you decide to do as you are taking the pictures, you are sure to find a lot of beauty there. You will have a lot of fun when you visit this special location and take photos while you are there.


Take A Trip To Palomar Mountain State Park For Beautiful Photographs

If you want to take pictures at a place that is truly magnificent, then you are going to want to visit this state park. There is so much beauty for you to see there, and you aren’t going to want to visit just once. If you live in this area, then you are going to want to come back again and again. You will want to get a state park pass, so that you can go there to take photos whenever you get the urge to do so. And even if you do not live in the area, once you have visited the park once you will want to come back.


Dixon Lake Is Another Great Location

There is so much natural beauty to be found around Escondido, CA, and you are going to enjoy Dixon Lake and the beauty of the water. You will have so much fun taking out your camera and all of your equipment as you visit this special location. You will be taking all kinds of shots there before long. You will want to experiment with all different locations and different lenses, and you will have fun with all of that. This is a truly beautiful place, and you will want to spend all day there when you arrive.


Whether you like to take photos of beaches, of forests, mountains, or anything in between, Escondido, CA has you covered. You are going to enjoy all that you see there. You will love getting out your camera and going to a beautiful location at sunrise. Or taking your camera with you on a drive at sunset. Or maybe shooting the stars is something that you are into. No matter what you like doing best, you are going to enjoy everything about doing photography in this area. You will love all of the beautiful shots that you take, and if you are just a guest to the area for a short amount of time, then you are definitely going to want to plan a trip back.

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Las Vegas Photography

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From light shows to famous performers and much more, Las Vegas is full of incredible sites. That’s why Las Vegas, Photography is so important if you plan on vacationing in such an amazing city. Beside the events that you’ll have to pay to experience, there are four free events you definitely won’t want to miss because you won’t find them anywhere else. So be sure you don’t forget your camera at home or in your luggage or you might lose out on having some of the best moments of your life.


The Aquarium at Silverton Hotel

While it’s certainly not the only attraction in Las Vegas, 117,000 gallon aquarium is filled entirely of saltwater and holds around 4,000 different types of fish. Once you’re done snapping photos beside the aquarium, stick around to see the mermaids. They do more than just blow bubbles. They even interact with children too!


Bliss Dance

One memory you’ll want to add to your Las Vegas, Photography list is the 40 foot 7500 pound statue that is decked out with about 3,000 LED lights. Bliss Dance is a tribute to feminine energy. To create the proper effect, the creator Marco Cochrane, had the lights installed on the inside of the statue’s body which is what really makes seeing the light show so incredible. If you’re searching for a perfect photo this is one show you won’t want to miss.

Las Vegas


Fall of Atlantis

Within Caesar’s Palace is a fountain show that will take your breath away. It’s called the Fall of Atlantis and is full of special lights and animatronic figures that recreate the fall of the once great mythical city. Besides the lights and nine-foot statues that speak, there are also fireballs and a 20 foot dragon too. Both of the costumes and the props for this show were created by the same individuals that worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor.


The story begins with King Atlas. He is faced with the predicament of having to choose which of his three spoiled children will eventually inherit his throne. The siblings have an awful feud that ends with a surprising ending.

Las Veagas Photo

Permanent Circus Acts

If you love death-defying acts you’ll love watching performers of the World’s Largest Permanent Circus take to thrilling heights to juggle, ride a unicycle, or perform acrobatic stunts. There are only 60 seats so be sure to get there as soon as you can or you might miss the act! The performance is only 10 minutes long but is offered every thirty minutes. Add some new memories to your Las Vegas, Photography collection. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore this epic event.


Las Vegas has a long list of events and things to see and do but these four are a great place to start whether you are alone or with a family. The city of Las Vegas has special events for children too. Be sure you have plenty of space on your digital camera and bring an extra memory card just in case. You won’t want to miss all of the incredible sites this city has to offer.

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Wellington NZ – Awesome Place For Photography

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If you enjoy getting out and doing something different with your photography occasionally, then Wellington, NZ is a place you will need to visit. You will want to see all of the sights and capture them with your lens. You will want to drink in the beauty and savor it by capturing images on your camera. There are many great and beautiful places to visit in the world, and Wellington is up there on the top of the list of places every photographer must visit.


Take Photos Of The Beauty Of The City

Try taking shots during the day, and also try taking some photos at night. No matter what time it is that you decide to capture some images, you are going to love the way that they turn out. Wellington is a beautiful place. The structure of all of the buildings there is something special. It is a gorgeous place, and you won’t even have to try too hard in order to capture some great images.

Photo of wellington


Take Photos Of The Gorgeous Harbor

You will enjoy exploring every area of the city and all there is to see and capture with your lens, and you are going to especially much enjoy the harbor. It is a gorgeous place, and you will have fun as you use your lens and capture some images. You might want to take photos of people out there, as well, and not just the nature. Whatever you decide to do, though, the photos that you take are going to be something great. Went there few months back..Met some awesome people from Carpet cleaners wellington. Had a lot of fun with them.. Great memories.


You Will Enjoy Every Moment Spent In This City

When you have your camera with you and ready to capture the moment, you are going to enjoy this city more than any average traveler, and that is saying a lot. You will appreciate all of the beauty surrounding you just a bit more than most, and you will be glad that you decided to take this trip. It will be a once in a lifetime experience to capture all of the great beauty of this New Zealand city.


Pack All Of The Right Equipment

Make sure that you have all that you need to take some great shots, and then head out. You will feel good about what you are doing when you know that you have all of your photography equipment with you and ready to be put into use. Take it around with you as you are traveling the city, and be ready to capture a shot at any given moment. There will be so much beauty for you to take in, and you won’t want to miss a thing.


You will go home from Wellington feeling inspired. All of the shots that you have captured will be something to feel proud of, and you will be glad that you decided to take this trip. You will have so many beautiful images to look through and think back on, and you will be happy about that. You should make it a point to go to Wellington soon.

Different types of photography

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Photography is a form of art that simply displays some kind of message that inspires and also helps one remember moments of the past and also the present. There are many different types of photography but they all depend on the techniques used when taking them and the type of lens used. Most people value photos and that’s why you will not miss different types of photography in many homes, offices, hospitals and also public places. Photography helps a lot in inspiration and thus the need for a better and great lens like a macro lens which can cover more details of a picture. Good lighting and correct angle shooting is also what good photography depends on. There are different types of photography styles that inspire a lot they include;


Nature photography

This type of photography involves mostly outdoor natural things like hills, mountains, oceans, waterfalls, trees, and plants. They usually cover a large area of landscape to bring out the real nature for better inspiration. Nature lovers love this type of photography as it brings out real inspiration especially if details are captured well without any hiccups.


Wedding photography

Weddings are special to couples and also family members and friends and to get the most out of it, great moments have to be captured to be remembered in the future. Wedding photographer’s use their best know how to get and present the best using creative lighting and a great lens for your wedding photography. Most photographers use different angles to catch each and every best moment that will be cherished almost forever by the couples.

types of photography



Travel photography

Travelling is fun to many people since you get to see different things and different people with lots of inspiration for you. Travel photography is mostly for travel lovers who while having fun have an eye for details and they cover up the details using their cameras to get beautiful and amazing photography that inspires a lot. This type of photography captures lots of subjects and amazing images because one gets to see a lot of different things in different places and location.



Black and white photography

The mention of black and white photography may seem outdated and kind of boring but in the real sense its one of the most classic photography. It brings out the inner raw beauty of the picture and also the shadows and contrast help make the photos more realistic and beautiful. This type of photography can be incorporated in almost every type of photography and still bring out the best of the details.




Wildlife photography

This type of photography is unique as it sets to capture wildlife animals in their habitats. It’s fun but quite challenging because to get the best shoot the photographer has to be very patient, use good angle and incorporate good timing. This photography inspires nature lovers a lot since it’s quite similar to nature photography shoots. Different types of photography require lens changing and great lens to capture lots of details so get the best of your photography with the best lens.



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